Pumpkin & Clover

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This honey varietal derived primarily from white clover (Trifolum repens) nectar was harvested in early July from an Oakville apiary near Albany, OR. The honey has a burst of tang with a sweet, clean, meadow-hay finish. It is available in 8 oz (BPA-free) plastic squeeze bottles and 22 oz glass jars.

This apiary is located on Oakville Road north of the community of Oakville and the remaining Oakville cemetery. This section of road is locally known as Poor Farm Road because of an historic county-run farm that was operated as an alternative to jailing people for their debts in the early 20th century. The nearby Pirtle Station is a 100+ year old concrete structure built by the Oregon Electric Railway. It currently showcases some impressive artwork by West Coast graffiti artists. 

White clover (Trifolum repens) was grown as a rotation crop between plantings of annual ryegrass. Clover seed produced in this area is used for cover crop and livestock forage around the world. Clover honey is one of the more common US honey varietals, but most of it is produced in the central part of the country and is derived from sweet clover (Melilotus sp.) nectar, so it has a different flavor profile than this white clover honey.

Honey is never heated over natural hive temperatures, and we only filter it minimally, so it may include pollen, small wax particles, and the occasional bee bit. All natural honey will solidify eventually. To liquify, place the jar in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water. Our honeys are never flavored or infused with added ingredients. The varietal names indicate the primary nectar source plants the bees were foraging on at the time of honey production.  

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