Feagles Creek : Wild Blackberry & Thistle

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This honey varietal derived primarily from wild blackberry (Rubus bifrons and Rubus vestitus) and thistle (Cirsium arvense) nectar was harvested in early August at our Feagles Creek apiary near Eddyville, OR. It has a fresh melon taste with lingering pollen notes.  It is available in 8-ounce (BPA-free) plastic squeeze bottles. The harvest date, apiary location, and primary nectar source(s) are written on the label. 

Our Feagles Creek apiary is in a cattle pasture near Harlan, OR. The farm, once homestead ground, is now passively managed by the Kessi family. While there’s plenty of grass for cows in the field, there’s also a lot of broadleaf plant diversity. The Kessis use goats to control weeds on other parts of the ranch, but this area is more remote with relatively large predator populations, making it unsafe for goat foraging ground. The surrounding hills are managed for timber production and wildlife habitat with both Coast Range conifers and hardwood trees.

Himalayan backberry (Rubus bifrons and Rubus vestitus) is a non-native, naturalized species that is widespread in the area. It fruits prolifically in the summer.

Canadian thistle (Cirsium arvense) is a common perennial weed in Western Oregon that persists in pastureland unless it’s sprayed. There are several effective biocontrol techniques for preventing the spread of Canadian thistle, but eradication has not been possible so far. 

The Old Blue beehives kept in the Feagles Creek apiary are all queen breeder colonies. These treatment-free hives have been selected for multiple characteristics including disease resistance, wintering ability, and honey production. One of our main breeding lines, “Kessi”, originated from a feral honeybee colony thriving in this area. 

We never heat our honey over natural hive temperatures (under 100°), and we only filter it minimally, so it may include pollen, small wax particles, and the occasional bee bit. All natural honey will solidify eventually. To liquify, place the jar in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water. Our honeys are never flavored or infused with added ingredients. The varietal names indicate the primary nectar source plants the bees were foraging on at the time of surplus honey production. 

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