Logsden : Wild Blackberry & Groundsel

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This honey varietal derived primarily from wild blackberry (Rubus bifrons) and groundsel (Senecio sylvaticus) nectar was harvested in late July at our Logsden apiary near Logsden, OR. This honey tastes like golden raisins with a buttery finish. It is available in 8-ounce (BPA-free) plastic squeeze bottles. The harvest date, apiary location, and primary nectar source(s) are written on the label. 

The small town of Logsden, Oregon is located in the central Oregon Coast Range along the upper Siletz River. Our Logsden apiary lies at the confluence of Mill Creek and the Siletz River surrounded by small farms, pasture land, and timberland. Spring nectar sources in the area include bigleaf maple, vine maple, bitter cherry, dewberry, and chittum.

The site gets enough inland heat to make a good, consistent honey crop, but it also dries out earlier than some of our other Coast Range apiaries. This season, however, we had enough late moisture for the blackberries and clearcut weeds to produce a lot of nectar through the end of August. In addition to blackberry and groundsel, this honey probably includes nectar from St. John’s wort and lotus (bird’s-foot trefoil) growing in recently logged areas.

Himalayan blackberry (Rubus bifrons) is a non-native, naturalized species that is widespread in the area. It fruits prolifically in the summer.

Groundsel (Senecio sylvaticus), also known as woodland ragwort, is a clearcut weed with petal-less yellow flowers. This nectar source is likely what gives the honey its yellow color. 

We never heat our honey over natural hive temperatures (under 100°), and we only filter it minimally, so it may include pollen, small wax particles, and the occasional bee bit. All natural honey will solidify eventually. To liquify, place the jar in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water. Our honeys are never flavored or infused with added ingredients. The varietal names indicate the primary nectar source plants the bees were foraging on at the time of surplus honey production. 

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