Ona Beach : Coastal Wildflower

$ 11.00

This honey varietal was harvested in late August at our Ona Beach apiary near Seal Rock, OR. It has a mild, earthy tobacco and leather flavor.  It is available in 8-ounce (BPA-free) plastic squeeze bottles. The harvest date, apiary location, and primary nectar source(s) are written on the label.  

Our Ona Beach apiary is on the east side of Highway 101 about two miles inland from Ona Beach State Park near Seal Rock, OR. It’s located along the North Beaver Creek drainage that flows into Beaver Creek State Natural Area, a great place for kayaking. The site is a tidal marsh of various rushes and sedges along with native and non-native flowering plants including lotus (Lotus corniculatus), water parsley (Oenanthe sarmentosa), smartweed (Polygonum sp.), and clover. The bees appreciate the site’s diversity of late-season pollen. 

This honey is made from the nectar of late blooming flowers, and the color is darker than many of our main season varietals. We have a very limited supply of it, only about nine gallons.

We never heat our honey over natural hive temperatures, and we only filter it minimally, so it may include pollen, small wax particles, and the occasional bee bit. All natural honey will solidify eventually. To liquify, place the jar in a bowl of warm (not boiling) water. Our honeys are never flavored or infused with added ingredients. The varietal names indicate the primary nectar source plants the bees were foraging on at the time of surplus honey production. 

If you intend to buy this honey as a gift, please include a note for the recipient at checkout.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this or any of our other products, oldbluerawhoney@gmail.com.

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